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Weekly Mobile News Roundup April 15, 2016


This week: The importance of thorough software testing, the underperforming tablet market, and the surprising opportunity guest shoppers present to online retailers.

  1. Software Testing through Launch: Do It, or Face the Consequences
    Buggy software isn’t just a nuisance, it’s dangerous. It can cause interruptions to business—sometimes catastrophic (think Healthcare.gov)—and become very costly to both users and the manufacturer. In fact, studies say software bugs and errors cost the U.S. economy approximately $59.5 billion each year. Testing, however, is itself costly, but it is vital to the development process.Learn more about the latest software testing trends at Inc.
  2. Tablet Sales Are Lower than Predicted. Why?
    While tablet sales have been impressive overall, the tablet market—which was to be a “revolution in mobile computing”—hasn’t been performing as expected, and Gartner predicts sales to remain flat through 2018. Why? Smartphones with larger displays, for one; and the fact that people upgrade their tablets much less often than their phones. However, “detachable” tablets sales are growing convincingly, poised to take a bite out of both tablet and mobile phone markets.Read more about how the future of tablets at Re/code.
  3. Enterprise Mobility: Market Drivers for 2016
    More organizations than ever are investing in enterprise mobility, with Mobile Applications Development and Mobile & Enterprise Security in the lead—and Mobile Applications Testing moving up fast. With most companies the primary goals are to increase productivity and improve customer service, but budget, integrating with legacy systems, and balancing security with customer experience are among the challenges they face.
    To learn more, read The Global State of Enterprise Mobility 2016 at Enterprise Mobility Exchange. (Note: This report is a gated asset)
  4. Guest Shoppers: An Untapped Opportunity for Online Retailers
    As mobile shopping increases in popularity, Moovweb has discovered that 53% of mobile revenue to U.S. online retailers comes not from customers with a login account, but from guest users. This statistic represents missed opportunity for retailers to turn these shoppers into loyal, repeat customers. Since logged-in users spend 10% more on average than guest users, this group is worth paying attention to.Read more about how to capitalize on the guest user opportunity at BI Intelligence.
  5. Digital Transformation: Customer Experience Should Be Front and Center
    Digital transformation might involve automating, connecting, and improving the effectiveness of technology, but what it is ultimately all about is relationships: engaging customers, partners, and employees effectively. Therefore, businesses must focus on Customer Experience Management (CEM)—technologies and processes that adapt to today’s empowered customer, rather than asking the customer to adapt to outdated processes and limits imposed by technology.Read more about CEM and digital transformation at 451 Research.
  6. #FlashbackFriday: The First Cell Phone Call Ever Made
    This month marks the 43rd anniversary of the first cell phone call ever made. On April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, who was leading a team at Motorola on the development of the world’s first cellular phone, decided to test it by calling Joel Engel at AT&T, whose team was working on the same thing. According to Cooper, Engel doesn’t remember the call.Read more about the history of the cell phone at Bloomberg.
Don Addington

Don Addington

Don Addington has over 35 years of domestic and international executive management experience in the B2B technology sector. He is currently President & CEO of Atlanta-based Mobile Labs, a pioneer in enterprise solutions for mobile application testing. Don started his career managing customer support operations for hardware leaders Control Data and Amdahl. He moved into the software market with application development tool start-up KnowledgeWare where, during his 10 year tenure, he served as Director of Sales, VP of Sales & Marketing, EVP and COO. From 1996 to 2007, Don was CEO of Netherlands-based application integration and modernization infrastructure vendor Seagull Software; growing revenues from $1.8M to $37M, again establishing the company as a global leader in its market. In addition to his long-standing involvement with the Technology Association of GA, he participates in the Atlanta CEO High Tech Council and the Atlanta Technology Executives Roundtable.

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