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Mobile DevOps

Mobile DevOps for Enterprise Mobile Apps

Mobile DevOps for Enterprise Mobile Apps

Mobile DevOps

Make Mobile Apps Part of Continuous Integration

Mobile app development increasingly depends upon Agile methodologies and DevOps strategies like continuous integration to speed delivery and improve quality. Moving mobile apps rapidly from build systems onto real mobile devices and into test is a key to improving Agile velocity. For organizations to get the most from their DevOps strategies, and for continuous integration to succeed, mobile apps must cross boundaries from build systems to real mobile devices quickly, automatically and hands-free.

Complement Mobile DevOps for Improved App Quality 

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ complements mobile DevOps with its ability to prepare, install, and launch mobile apps and mobile test scripts on real mobile devices. It offers an easy-to-use set of commands that automate mobile app management and mobile device management operations. This makes it possible to remotely use real mobile devices to:

  • Install and remove mobile apps and versions
  • Select an appropriate mobile device
  • Test new mobile app versions
  • Conduct automated mobile app tests using Mobile Labs’ Trust™
  • Use HP’s ALM to run Trust test scripts on one or more mobile devices
  • Launch Trust scripts from Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Use leading open-source automation frameworks 

Why Mobile Labs

Why Mobile Labs?

Only Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect can automate app management and device management aspects of mobile DevOps and prepare mobile apps for test without manual intervention by programmers or test engineers. The result is shortened time from build-complete to test-ready for mobile apps, making both developers and test engineers more efficient, reducing errors and increasing Agile velocity. Mobile Labs can speed regression testing, improve app quality, shorten time-to-market and reduce the number of person-hours expended on testing.

Tools of the Trade deviceConnect
Mobile Labs’ Trust
DevOps Scripting

Why Mobile Labs?

Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade, next generation mobile application testing tools. With a focus on security, agility and affordability, Mobile Labs delivers solutions to help you deliver quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms while also helping manage mobile devices in a private, secure cloud.

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