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New release of deviceConnect Provides More Comprehensive Manual Mobile Application Testing Support, Custom Control Support for Automation

Mobile Labs LLC, a leading provider and innovator of cross-platform mobile application testing solutions, today announced the latest version of deviceConnect™, the private, internal device cloud that securely manages mobile devices, users, and apps in corporate test labs.  This latest release includes major enhancements that improve gesture-based responsiveness, new remote manual testing capabilities, remote device rotation simulation capability, and an optional manual testing console for remote control of an entire mobile device for comprehensive manual testing. The new release of deviceConnect also includes enhanced functionality for Mobile Labs’ test automation solution, Mobile Labs Trust™, including support for hybrid web apps and mobile websites including HTML5 support, and custom-control support for automation and integration with the latest version of the industry’s leading test automation platform.

Manual Testing Support with deviceConnect

deviceConnect transforms mobile application testing efficiency and management. It helps testers locate the right device and the right application and makes an instantaneous connection to begin testing from any desktop in the enterprise. The new release of deviceConnect builds on this transformation by providing major performance enhancements such as enhanced responsiveness to remote gestures that gives more accurate control of user-interface actions such as scrolling, swiping, selecting, and dragging. Full support of remote manual-testing gestures includes flick, fling, tap, long tap, double tap and pinch and zoom. In addition, testers can now remotely simulate device rotation via deviceConnect, enhancing their capability to thoroughly test mobile app functionality whether manually or through Trust automation.

To further expand manual testing capabilities, Mobile Labs has developed a manual testing console app as an optional module for deviceConnect. The manual testing console enables full control of a mobile device allowing testers to remotely unlock a device; change device settings such as turning on/off WiFi or enabling location services; launch or stop apps; browse the Web; and install, or remove apps, etc. An installation can control whether this console is made available to testers. In addition, with the manual-testing console, testers can easily check the scenario when an application is back-grounded and then resumes. Ultimately, the manual testing console gives quality assurance and IT professionals the ability to more comprehensively test scenarios in which the application interacts with the device and its built-in apps.

Test Automation Support for Hybrid Apps, Mobile Websites, HTML5

Mobile Labs Trust, an add-in for the industry’s leading automated testing platform, uses deviceConnect to perform cross-platform automated testing on real, pristine smartphones and tablets. New Trust functionality includes more comprehensive support for native, hybrid, and mobile web applications. Testers using the new version of Trust can now automate iOS and Android apps that use embedded web controls as well as stand-alone mobile websites that use standard HTML or HTML5. Trust’s new custom control support for automation, particularly useful for automated testing of mobile websites, enables testers to script objects that have extended attributes or methods.

Mobile Labs CEO Don Addington explains that mobile application testing looks different from company to company. While some IT organizations primarily test mobile apps manually, others take a highly-automated approach. Regardless of the approach used for mobile app testing – highly automated, mostly manual or somewhere in between – there are similar challenges to address: managing test devices securely, providing cost-effective device access to globally-dispersed testers, and finding a tool that supports the efficient, accurate testing of apps across a constantly-changing landscape of mobile operating systems, devices, and form factors.

Addington said, “The newest release of deviceConnect includes robust functionality that addresses each of these challenges while enabling IT and Quality Assurance professionals to test however they choose. Flexibility and simplicity in the face of mobile complexity is a goal we strive to reach every day. Not only does this iteration of deviceConnect get our customers one big step closer, it addresses a growing need in the enterprise for a secure approach to tackling the chaos that comes with mobile app testing.”

Unlike public device clouds, deviceConnect’s installation inside an enterprise’s corporate infrastructure makes it highly secure. In addition, its location behind the corporate firewall makes it easy to install and manage.  The solution can be remotely maintained with new releases pushed to the customer. Housed in a compact mobile cart, deviceConnect takes up a fraction of the space in a data center that other on-premises solutions occupy. This turnkey solution consists of a server, which runs the deviceConnect software, and a rack available in multiple configurations to accommodate large quantities of mobile devices, each of which has a hard wire connection to the cart’s server.

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