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Mobile Testing Challenges


Mobile applications have become a “game changing” force for companies across all industries. From enterprise applications (such as mobile inventory management systems) to consumer applications (such as mobile shopping apps), companies have an unprecedented opportunity to boost revenues, decrease costs, and reach out to their customers.

However, these game-changing technologies have also introduced a unique set of testing challenges:

Rapid Rollout Schedule

The rapid growth of the application market comes with an expectation of equally rapid rollouts of application improvements and bug fixes.

Because companies are eager to take advantage of this golden business opportunity, they push new applications to the marketplace quickly. The result is that a QA testing cycle, which can normally take three to six weeks depending on the size and complexity of the application, is now being condensed to just one to two days.

Unfortunately, these quick rollouts can become extremely expensive in terms of your company’s reputation and the actual cost it will take to fix the problems if your mobile applications don’t meet the quality users expect.

Use the Mobile Labs Trust™ testing solution to execute a successful QA automation strategy on time and on budget.

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Testing on multiple mobile platforms

With the proliferation of devices such as iPhones, iPads, and a wide variety of Android devices, mobile application providers have to market to a variety of mobile platforms to reach their audience. However, because no industry-wide standards for operating systems or device hardware have been established, this is not a simple task.

An application that was created for one device or handset is not guaranteed to run with 100 percent integrity on another device—even in the same product family. This is due to differences in the screen resolution, the handset, memory level, battery, operating system, and differences in how manufacturers customize the OS for their devices.

Creating separate tests for each device and platform can quickly become costly and time intensive. The rapidly growing mobile application market, however, demands rapid rollouts of application improvements with no excuses for application errors and security holes.

With Mobile Labs Trust, the same test script can be executed across platforms, resulting in minimum scripting effort without any shortcuts in test coverage.

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Dealing with a variety of connectivity modes

WiFi, 3G, 4G…all of the ways that mobile devices connect can exponentially multiply the number of tests you need to run. Even when your organization makes its best effort to test its mobile apps, you are still faced with a wide variety of handsets, OS versions, and connectivity options.

Given the wide range of testing scenarios that need to be covered, developing a QA Automation strategy for your regression testing becomes increasingly important.

There is no need to limit your test environment with Mobile Labs Trust. Simply execute your test script on the actual device with a variety of test settings.

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Creating end-to-end tests

Today’s mobile applications are expected to seamlessly integrate with other platforms. Place an order on your iPhone app? That order better show up properly on your Web site. Making sure that your application works correctly through both your front-end and back-end systems is mission critical.

Mobile Labs Trust is platform independent, making true end-to-end testing with a single test script possible.

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Mobile testing tool availability

Current tools for recognizing screen objects for Web and PC applications do not work for applications on mobile devices. In the absence of this object recognition, complex scripting techniques are required. With few available tools to conduct automated testing for mobile applications, there is a lack of trained specialists available to develop the automation scripts.

With the Mobile Labs Trust add-in for HP QuickTest Professional, quality assurance professionals can easily translate their scripting expertise for Web applications to mobile applications.

Maximize your testing tool ROI by using Mobile Labs Trust. 

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