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Mobile Labs Introduces Enhanced Automated Testing Solution for Enterprise Mobile Applications

Atlanta, GA ‒ July 10, 2012 ‒ Mobile Labs, LLC, a leading provider of end-to-end mobile application testing solutions for the enterprise, today announced the availability of Mobile Labs Trust™ version 1.3. The new release of Trust broadens the scope of mobile platforms supported by the solution. The complete list of supported platforms now includes Apple iOS versions 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x (including iPhone, iPod Touch, and all iPad versions), Android OS 2.x, 3.x and 4.x (including phones and tablets), BlackBerry Torch phones and Windows Mobile 6.5. In addition, Trust now includes support for sets of object methods that invoke touch gestures on a mobile device and that can manipulate the device’s hardware buttons, making it easier and faster to deliver more accurate tests.

“Enterprise mobile applications have emerged as business-critical. The magnitude of complexity brought forth by numerous form factors makes efficient, effective manual testing of mobile apps next to impossible. Automated testing is the only answer for enterprises today,” commented Don Addington, president and CEO of Mobile Labs. “The new release of Trust gives testers even greater capabilities to quickly test and deliver mobile applications that meet the rapid development cycles of the enterprise while also fulfilling the quality expectations of end users.”

Trust 1.3 enables a wider range of user interface objects to be identified and manipulated during automated testing through the addition of a new set of properties specifically designed to handle the more advanced user interface elements and controls specific to mobile platforms. The new release also improves the user’s ability to control mobile devices during automated testing and to manually control and/or test a device and its applications. A new Mobile Labs-developed device viewer remembers frequently used connection profiles and can be used to identify objects for tests, to monitor automated tests as they run, and to control device-specific hardware buttons. The new viewer streamlines both automated and manual testing of mobile devices and their apps.

“Many of the enhancements in the latest version of Trust were driven by suggestions and feedback from enterprise customers using previous versions of the solution,” said Michael Ryan, Mobile Labs chief technology officer. “The major changes include productivity enhancements for HP Unified Functional Testing (formerly known as QuickTest Professional® or “QTP”) script writers, including faster ways to identify objects and their required properties for the QTP Object Repository. Trust 1.3 also offers new objects and methods that make it possible to achieve more test objectives with fewer lines of code.”

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