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Mobile Labs Featured In The SD Times: The Importance of Testing On Real Devices

You’re probably exposed to a dozen new IT buzzwords each day. Fortunately, SD Times recently cut through the clutter on one you’re probably hearing with increasing fervor: dev-test-ops.

For help on the matter, SD Times team turned to one of our own, Dan Mcfall, vice president of mobility solutions for insight. The issue discusses the rise of Dev-Test-Ops and its importance to IT leaders.

The term Dev-Test-Ops has grown in tandem with the ever-increasing need for mobile agility. Now, development teams must deliver apps and subsequent updates without sacrificing quality, a feat impossible without a proper balance of testing methods. SD Times covers everything from vendors who can assist teams with implementation to finding the testing sweet spot for peak agility and quality.

In the SD Times issue, Dan notes the importance of testing on real devices using tools such as mobile Labs’ deviceConnect, as there are “bugs that just do not show up on emulators.” In addition, Dan states that while basic unit testing can help catch bugs and regressions, a strategy including integration testing and non-functional testing is needed to ensure maximum quality.

SD Times also examines the challenge of finding balance between testing too much or too little in the move to continuous delivery/deployment. Dan’s advice: “Just don’t forget that part of the reason for Dev-Test-Ops is to get new code out the door. It can still be tempting to naval gaze, but then you might as well go back to waterfall development.”

To implement Dev-Test-Ops, enterprise IT teams need to explore more holistic testing tools that offer both automated and manual testing options. Fortunately, vendors like Mobile Labs are offering a helping hand. The SD Times issue showcases Mobile Labs among the top solutions to help organizations implement a Dev-Test-Ops focus.

SD Times also included Mobile Labs in the SD Times 100 list of top industry leaders for software development test, security and performance.

What do you think? Is dev-test-ops here to stay? Or are you chalking it up as just another buzzword? Let us know in the comments below, and happy testing to your team.

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