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Mobile Labs deviceConnect Demo

0:00 – Thank you for your interest in Mobile Labs deviceConnect. All deviceConnect sessions start by logging into the deviceConnect server.

0:06 – Once inside the server you are going to be able to see an overview of all the devices that are being managed inside deviceConnect. You can views these in a card format with a lot of information visible about each device or devices can be viewed in a simple linear format.

0:21 – Within the device detail screen you will see a lot of additional detail about the device. Including the mobile applications available for installation via deviceConnect, as well as the mobile apps already installed on that device.

0:30 – deviceConnect provides a variety of mobile application management functions. Including the ability to manage the different builds of your test application and to understand if the mobile application has been provisioned appropriately.

0:45 – Additional functionality includes the ability to push a new build of a mobile app to a variety of devices from a single screen.

0:54 – Additionally a tester can always install a clean build of a mobile app when they go to access the device. Once completed this will open up the pre-launch screen of the deviceConnect deviceViewer. The deviceViewer is the means by which deviceConnect provides a remote view into a mobile device and enables a manual tester or automation engineer to begin testing their mobile applications.

1:12 – Once they’ve launched the device, the tester will see a screen that is very similar to the real device that they are used to using. Once connected the tester can use their mouse and keyboard, or the onscreen keyboard, to interact with the device just as they would with a device in hand. Application objects are fully interactive for manual testers with the ability click mobile objects like switches, interact with multi-touch gestures (such as pinch and zoom) on screens that multi-touch enabled, even the new iOS7 multi-touch features such as rotating the screen.

1:39 – Of course any interactions via the deviceViewer are happening on the real mobile device in real time and are being returned to the deviceViewer in real time just as a tester is used to experiencing with device in hand.

1:50 – Those utilizing HP Unified Function Testing (UFT) you can take these same manual test steps, turn on Record and Play and record test steps. Or if you like utilizing advanced techniques such as creating the objects manually, you can utilize the UFT Object Spy to pull information about all of the different mobile objects from the screen and then go into UFT to build your test case.

2:08 – UFT now allows us to take that same manual test case we saw before and run it in an automated fashion. UFT can interact with picker wheels, switch objects, and send instructions to the mobile device for steps just as if a tester were holding it in hand. Scripts are designed to run completely cross-platform between iOS and Android.

2:27 – Finally, our integration with UFT allows us to utilize the standard reporting features that you are use to using for web and desktop testing. This was our simple overview of Mobile Labs deviceConnect. If you would like more information, please reach out to us via our website.

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