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Mobile Labs Announces Support for Leading Continuous Integration Frameworks

Cloud Driver CIMobile Labs today announced the availability of deviceConnect™ CLI for Continuous Integration. A feature of Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect, an internal device cloud solution, deviceConnect CLI gives users powerful new capabilities to manage mobile devices and apps in concert with continuous integration platforms such as Cascade, Jenkins, IBM® Rational®, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Xcode 5 and many others. As a result, customers can now incorporate deviceConnect actions into continuous integration automation scripts used to build, deploy and test mobile apps.

Continuous integration processes have reset expectations for application development, especially mobile apps. The ability to receive immediate testing feedback as changes are made to the application, and to instantly pinpoint and resolve errors, has become critical to the success of enterprise and consumer-facing mobility initiatives.

With deviceConnect CLI, integrators and mobile app testers can use automated scripts to inventory currently installed apps, clean up outdated apps, and upload new mobile app builds to the deviceConnect database where they are available for manual or automated testing.  Scripts can also install, launch or delete apps from mobile devices resident in deviceConnect.  Likewise, mobile devices in deviceConnect can be inventoried, retained, released or rebooted.

Mobile Labs President and CEO Don Addington comments: “Continuous integration is rapidly becoming a major determiner in how fast organizations are able to test and roll out mobile apps. With this new capability, Mobile Labs is providing the most flexible and powerful interface in the market to support install, launch and test.”

To learn more about the mobile device testing capabilities offered through deviceConnect, visit http://mobilelabsinc.com/deviceconnect/ or go to http://www.mobilelabsinc.com.

By: Shaunna Morgan

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