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Mobile Labs and Paphos Group Announce Partnership

Companies Partner to Deliver Next-Generation Private Device Cloud and More Effective, Efficient Mobile App Testing to Paphos Group Customers

Mobile Labs, LLC, a leading provider of cross-platform mobile application testing solutions, today announced its partnership with the Paphos Group. A leading technology solutions and services provider based in Amsterdam, Paphos Group is exclusively focused on IT Governance, Quality Management, Business Service Management and IT Sourcing.  As a Mobile Labs partner, Paphos Group will resell Mobile Labs’ suite of mobile application testing solutions.

Under terms of the partnership, Paphos Group will be a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of deviceConnect™, a private, internal device cloud that delivers comprehensive management capabilities for mobile devices, users, and apps in corporate test labs. deviceConnect coupled with Mobile Labs’ flagship solution, Mobile Labs Trust™, provides customers with support for two major challenges in the mobile app landscape: access to and management of mobile devices and the right tool to efficiently perform cross-platform, automated mobile application testing. In addition to addressing these needs, Paphos Group customers can use deviceConnect to support manual mobile application testing.

According to Danny Hemminga, Paphos Group’s managing partner, over the past year, a large number of European businesses, primarily in the financial, retail, hospitality and telecommunications sectors, have dramatically accelerated the migration of legacy apps to mobile platforms. Challenging this mobile migration is the unending wave of new devices and mobile operating system updates.

“Mobile applications can drive revenue, create brand equity, and increase employee efficiency and productivity. Therefore, IT must have a secure, effective mobile testing strategy to deal with the increased exposure mobile apps place on the enterprise,” added Sander Stevens, Paphos Group’s quality manager. “deviceConnect resolves the massive security challenges that exist with externally-hosted mobile testing services, regardless of whether testing is manual or automated; and Trust enables our customers to test in a more effective, efficient manner. We are very excited to partner with Mobile Labs to deliver an innovative, secure, full testing lifecycle platform to the Central European business community.”

“In Paphos Group we have found a partner who shares our desire to simplify the complexity of mobile application testing.  Their strong reputation for designing, implementing and supporting enterprise testing platforms gives Paphos Group the insight to anticipate and deliver on customer needs. Where mobile app testing is concerned, that starts by arming testers with secure, 24×7 access to the right mobile devices and the right testing tool.” said Don Addington, Mobile Labs CEO.

“The distinction between a public cloud-based testing tool and a private cloud-based testing platform cannot be overstated. With the former, IT relinquishes too much control to the public cloud vendor, which increases its risk exposure. With the latter, IT can leverage its existing corporate network and data protection mechanisms to keep proprietary data secure, while also providing 24×7 access to devices needed for testing, no matter if the tester is in Amsterdam, Bangalore or Utah,” said Paul O’Callaghan, Mobile Labs vice president, global alliances and international sales operations. “As a leading advisory and tech services firm with a focus on quality management, the Paphos Group is the ideal partner. They not only have the right mix of industry experience and domain expertise, but they also possess an inherent understanding and appreciation for implementing testing solutions behind the corporate firewall.”

deviceConnect is a second-generation, software-based device cloud that revolutionizes mobile device sharing by making it economically and physically possible for more organizations to benefit from device cloud management. Using a very light hardware footprint, deviceConnect can be rapidly deployed anywhere within an enterprise that has Ethernet connectivity, and a deviceConnect cart may be easily wheeled from location to location without the need for environment or power experts and with very brief downtime. deviceConnect is a complete solution, delivered to the customer configured and ready for use. Its simple Web-based management interface allows anyone within the organization to manage the device cloud without specialized training or tools.

Unlike public device clouds, deviceConnect’s installation inside an enterprise’s corporate infrastructure makes it highly secure. In addition, its location behind the corporate firewall makes it easy to install and manage.  The solution can be remotely maintained with new releases pushed to the customer, if requested. Housed in a compact mobile cart, deviceConnect takes up a fraction of the space that other on-premises solutions occupy. deviceConnect can be located in a secure data center or in an ordinary office setting, depending upon customer need.

About The Paphos Group

Paphos Group is the company of leading advisory and technology services in The Netherlands, which is exclusively focused on IT Governance, Quality Management, Business Service Management and IT Sourcing. Paphos consultants, with their knowledge and experience of the entire IT lifecycle, are helping over 50 of the largest Dutch enterprises to streamline core IT processes. With our consultants’ best practices, standards-based process models, deep product expertise and change leadership skills are enabling IT departments to achieve development and operational excellence. This is what Paphos likes to call “ERP4IT”. For more information, please visit www.paphosgroup.com.

About Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs is a leading provider of end-to-end mobile application testing solutions for the enterprise. Its private, internal device cloud, deviceConnect™, delivers comprehensive management capabilities for mobile devices in corporate test labs. The patent-pending technology is internal to a company’s worldwide infrastructure, providing highly secure access to and management of the entire inventory of test devices across major mobile platforms. deviceConnect supports both manual and automated testing on real devices without jailbreaking or rooting. Test automation is provided via Mobile Labs Trust™, a solution architected to tightly integrate with the industry’s leading automated testing platform. Trust is an automated, cross-platform solution that helps ensure application quality across multiple mobile platforms. Trust enables enterprises to deploy fully tested, high quality mobile applications faster. For more information, please visit mobilelabsinc.com.

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