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Mobile Growth and Innovation Talk on The Dana Barrett Show


Our Vice President of Sales Dan McFall appeared on Biz1190’s Dana Barrett Show this week along with ACG Atlanta President Denise Boyd and MailChimp Vice President of Marketing Tom Klein to discuss the latest in mobile growth and innovation.

Read the recap below, or to listen to the full show, visit the link at the bottom of the page.

To kick off the show, ACG Atlanta President Denise Boyd educated listeners on ACG’s role in Atlanta’s business community and how it provides an avenue for deal makers to get together and share information about both organic and M&A growth. Meanwhile MailChimp’s Tom Klein shared a new company direction. Once known as an email marketing company, MailChimp is evolving into a marketing company.

Next up, Mobile Labs, Dan McFall shared a background on Mobile Labs’ solutions, highlighting the company’s focus on helping enterprises develop and test enterprise applications.

When asked about the over saturation of mobile apps, also know as “app fatigue”, McFall suggested that the core of mobility is consolidation – joining similar functionality could solve the burden of hundreds of different apps. For example, McFall referenced how many banks continue developing new apps for each function, rather than consolidating all of their solutions into one app, which would keep users from having to download yet another application.

While consumer apps hold a large portion of the market, McFall brought up the point that enterprise apps can provide a valuable tool for employees. For instance, Mobile Labs has helped a large telecom company develop and test an enterprise application that allows employees to make sales from their mobile devices. By getting rid of legacy applications and creating enterprise apps, Mobile Labs has helped companies improve efficiency and drive revenue.

When asked about “mobile” becoming a meaningless word, McFall agreed comparing mobile to the words “digital” and “tech.” Everything is digital, mobile technology these days, so the word “mobile” will soon no longer be a key differentiator.

To listen to the full show, visit the Dana Barrett Show.

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