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The consumerization of IT has changed the way we do business, and it has brought with it a set of challenges that even the largest companies are struggling to overcome. One such challenge is mobile application testing. Industry standards for component-based testing of applications on a variety of platforms were established some time ago. However, mobile app testing-specific industry standards have not yet been identified.

A Certified Add-In for HP’s QTP

Mobile Labs Trust™ is a certified add-in for HP’s Quality Test Professional® (QTP), a leading functional and regression test automation solution for software applications and environments. Trust enables enterprise testers to extend their existing HP functional testing to mobile applications, using the same scripting environment and integrations used by QTP. This enables testers to easily transition from web app testing to automated functional testing and regression testing for mobile apps, without learning a new scripting language or undergoing additional training.

Cut Regression Testing Times from Weeks to Hours

Traditional QA testing cycles can take three to six weeks, which is prohibitive when considering today’s aggressive enterprise app deployment schedules. Trust was designed to meet the mobile QA testing needs of enterprises. It automates the mobile testing process, cutting regression testing times from weeks to hours and minimizing the need for expensive manual testers.

Mobile Application Testing

Why Mobile Labs?

Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade, next generation mobile application testing tools. With a focus on security, agility and affordability, Mobile Labs delivers solutions to help you deliver quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms while also helping manage mobile devices in a private, secure cloud.

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