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iPhone Application Testing

iphone-newFor organizations that have taken a functions-based approach to handling mobile objects with iPhone application testing, the transition from one version of i0S to another can be challenging. The migration typically requires testers to recapture every object in the mobile application to make sure it works correctly. As a result, testers may need to update the scripts for virtually every line of code – a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.

Testing iPhone Apps with Instrumentation

IT teams that take an instrumentation approach to their iOS migration testing can virtually eliminate these unnecessary steps.

Testers can manage objects in one location using an instrumentation approach with an object repository. Because the iPhone application testing software recognizes a sign-in button as an object, testers usually don’t have to modify the code or updates to scripts to accommodate user interface changes that come with a new version of the iOS.

In addition, the instrumentation approach ensures that actual views (controls such as edit and button) used to create the user interface are recognized automatically. So the tester merely needs to run the script to ensure it still works, make any minor changes to support the new iOS and propagate modifications within the object repository.

By using iPhone application testing software with an object repository, you can easily move scripts from one iOS to another iOS and from one platform to another platform, saving mobile application testing time and improving testing efficiency.

Simple and Seamless iPhone Application Testing

At Mobile Labs, we believe iPhone application testing should be simple and seamless.  With our iPhone application testing and device accessibility solutions, you can easily migrate your mobile applications to new iOS, while delivering on time and on budget.

With Mobile Labs Trust™, a software add-in to HP QuickTest Professional, IT professionals can perform iOS app  testing  while leveraging existing investments in testing tools and staffs’ deep knowledge base.

Using Mobile Labs deviceConnect™, a secure cloud-based mobile application testing platform, testing teams can remotely manage, track and monitor testing assets.

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Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade, next generation mobile application testing tools. With a focus on security, agility and affordability, Mobile Labs delivers solutions to help you deliver quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms while also helping manage mobile devices in a private, secure cloud.

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