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In the Trenches with Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect: Using the Private Mobile Device Cloud to Build Tosca Mobile+

In this Partner Spotlight, we learn how Tricentis leveraged Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect, the private mobile device cloud, to build its test automation engine, Tosca Mobile+. This post was contributed by Georg Thurner, product marketing manager for Tricentis.


mobile test automationWe at Tricentis recently released our new test automation engine, Tosca Mobile+. As product owner, I had the pleasure of working very closely with the development team. I’m proud to say that we created a product that enables testing organizations to perform cross-OS and cross-device mobile app testing. But what really makes Tosca Mobile+ unique is that it combines cross-platform, cross-device capabilities with the E2E, model-based approach of Tosca Testsuite, our integrated quality suite. Tosca Mobile+ enables teams to test mobile apps in the context of their entire enterprise environment.

As with any other software developed for mobile devices, we needed to test our own solution on several different devices. There’s simply no replacement for actual, physical hardware – you just can’t get comparable results from emulators. But testing across a number of selected mobile devices presented a unique set of challenges that – as we found out – Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ was created to solve. Here are some of the difficulties we faced.

Devices, devices, everywhere

Mobile devices are great and rapidly growing in importance, but they have one big disadvantage – they’re mobile. This might sound like a paradox, but if you’ve spent any time testing mobile devices, you’ll recognize questions like these:

“Anyone see the iPad Air?

“Who’s got the Google Nexus with Android 4.4.?”

After a while, you start to notice that you’re spending huge amounts of time looking for devices, even if they’re all kept in the same room.

Which version of which app on which device?

Aside from that, it was quite a challenge to ensure that the correct version of an app was deployed on the right device. With new app builds coming down daily there were many occasions when we thought an incorrect build had been installed on a device or a correct build was installed on the right device running the wrong OS version. On more than one occasion we thought we had a QA issue to address in our app when in actuality, these turned out to be false alarms — we were uncovering issues that stemmed from testing the wrong app build.

Stable, wireless, and versatile

Throughout our testing process, we identified another important issue: for most mobile software testing, a stable Wi-Fi connection is needed – without that, testers can run into problems pretty soon in the testing process. However, big companies are often very restrictive about which mobile devices are allowed to access the company network. Even in our own office we had to setup a separate Wi-Fi network so we could bypass the restrictions of our official network. Our customers face even bigger restrictions in their own environments.

Success with deviceConnect

I’ve spent so much time detailing these problems to make this one point: with Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect, a private mobile device cloud, we have been able to improve our own device management at a very fast rate and test on real mobile devices with ease. We no longer spend time searching for smartphones and tablets and we no longer run into trouble deploying the correct app version on our test devices. Mobile testing is now much, much easier than it ever was.

Georg Thurner

Georg Thurner is a product marketing manager for Tricentis, a leading enterprise software testing solutions provider for Global 2000 companies. With a unique approach to business optimized software testing, Tricentis gives companies the ability to achieve unprecedented automation rates while minimizing business-related risks. As a product marketing manager, Georg leverages his 20+ years of development, consulting, testing and product management experience to define and develop products, interface with customers and product developers and market Tricentis products.

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