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How a Top 5 Mutual Fund and Financial Services Company Simplified Mobile Testing with Mobile Labs

It’s no secret that global enterprises often struggle to innovate at the rapid pace necessary to appease their customers. As with any new product or innovation, company leaders want to be certain a new app or technology is as customer-ready as possible before being deployed and that they are able to quickly correct any bugs found once the technology is released. Tired of slow processes, one top five financial services company turned to Mobile Labs to streamline mobile app and device testing for more than 30 business units across 18 different locations worldwide.

Using MobileLabs’ deviceConnect™, the company has condensed its mobile testing processes to a single pool of devices that are both shareable and accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7. This has greatly increased efficiency in the testing process by providing engineers with convenient, on-demand access to devices for testing.

“By having the ability to securely access real devices remotely from anywhere, we can now offer multiple device and OS combinations to our teams worldwide, as well as within our own internal lab. When an engineer finishes with a device, it is instantly available to the next person,” said a QA manager with the financial services company.

Pleased with the success the deviceConnect platform delivered in testing, the company expanded the solution’s use to its call centers, as well. Now, customer service representatives can use the platform’s internal device cloud to access the same types of devices as customers. This allows the reps to conduct ad-hoc training with customers and solve their issues in real time.

The company plans to expand deviceConnect to each of its 5,000 customer service representatives.

For more information on how Mobile Labs improved mobile testing and customer service for this financial services company, keep reading here.

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