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A Secure Alternative to Public Cloud-based Testing for Mobile Applications

Give Testers Access to the Right Devices and the Right Apps with a Private Device Cloud

deviceConnectThe enterprise mobile app development, deployment, and testing space is in turmoil caused by adopting new technologies, transitioning apps from legacy platforms to mobile, and by the rapidly-evolving hardware (mobile devices) and software (operating systems and development frameworks).  Enterprise customers face massive inefficiencies in scheduling tester time and device time, needing to make the right device and the right tool available to the right tester at the right time.

deviceConnect Mobile Apps Testing CartIn addition, enterprises are asking to create and manage access to a pool of mobile devices for manual or automated testing in a way that does not compromise security and that eliminates many possibilities of cyber attack.  Enterprises want to know where their devices are, who has access to them, what can be run on them, and where the information they process has been.  This demand causes many large enterprises to reject public cloud offerings by CISO policy: if the data doesn’t leave the building, then its security profile remains manageable. Once data has been transmitted into the cloud, it is irreparably vulnerable to attack or inadvertent mismanagement.

Fortunately, there is a secure alternative to device access via public cloud, test device management and public cloud based mobile application testing. deviceConnect™ is an on-premise mobile appliance that manages the sharing of mobile devices across an enterprise behind the firewall, reducing the number of devices that must be acquired, the likelihood that a needed device will be out of service, and reducing tester downtime caused by waiting for a device to become available.

Together with Mobile Labs Trust™, a next-generation automated mobile application testing software, deviceConnect provides enterprises with secure support for both automated and manual cloud based testing for mobile applications, while simultaneously solving device access and management challenges.

Mobile Labs Trust uses deviceConnect to perform cross-platform automated testing on real, pristine smartphones and tablets. Trust is mobile application testing software that uses object-level detection and interaction rather than visual-based (optical character recognition or image-within-image) techniques.  The result is more effective and efficient mobile application testing. 

Manual testing efficiency and management is transformed with deviceConnect. With deviceConnect, testers can easily locate the right device and the right app and make an instantaneous connection to begin testing from any desktop in the enterprise. deviceConnect manages authorized users, available devices, and applications available for test. These capabilities are especially important for enterprises with geographically-dispersed teams that need to access devices from a shared pool of smartphones and tablets.

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Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade, next generation mobile application testing tools. With a focus on security, agility and affordability, Mobile Labs delivers solutions to help you deliver quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms while also helping manage mobile devices in a private, secure cloud.

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